Friday, August 18, 2017


It's been a busy, hot Summer, so play has been reduced, until now..
Note the 5 degree turns using the B straights, very fast and realistic, i'm going to build one more set of Large Radius banks, should be FUCKING AWESOME!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Video, Bits and pieces :UPDATE new lap record 17.12 seconds!

We need more Body styles (10/17?)
Why is the Stewart car binding?
I need to automate my camera.
Why am I asking anyone?
I need more Drivers.

About motor mods

I don't think they are required, and here's why (of course).
I run very long tracks, 60 feet is a short track in my world,
and I have straights longer than most peoples tracks. I reach Terminal velocity, apx5ft./sec before I reach the end of that straight, and Must Slow Down!
 Unless you race on glass you will bounce and move around, even on the straights, so good luck staying on track with more speed. I found that people don't enjoy a track that is too hard, or too fast as to be undrivable, and that's no fun.
 With that said I plan on buying an adjustable Slot Car chassis, and building something neat and fast, but it will never race the other cars. On that note, I bought the Truck a long time ago and it is too heavy to race against other cars, not because it's slow, it's not.
 It's because it tends to knock other cars right off the track, very funny but not fun for others.
 Last, if you mod a car, make sure and keep the Center of Gravity as low as possible, otherwise your car will wander all over, can't imagine an oversized motor with that configuration.

In Car at Einstein's Paperclip

Including 2 wrecks,
shot with my Samsung J1
Phone taped to my Bill Elliot Chassis, and fairly worn batteries.

Einstein's Paperclip

The lighting is odd,the camera slightly off,
Around 90 feet long, lot's of banks and a very special Ess complex,
17.82 second lap time so far.
You cannot go full throttle all the way through these banks.

The big Hairpin, very little banking.

I cut some T and some U track in half and made 1/16 turns,
very nice for Chicanes, Esses and the like, note the banking in the Esses.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Banked Playground

I have been very busy at work, so my new tracks stay up a bit longer, and I put even more thought than usual into them because of it.
I spent a lot of time on the banking, smoothing out bumps, and 
it turned out very quick but still technical.
18,41 second lap time.

This set of turns is iteration 2 of 3 as far as gaining Flow
ended up nice though

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ins and Outs

I modified the Operator and decided to build an infield road course, here is the result,