Thursday, January 4, 2018

Double cut Diamond

This is a neat, shorty, only 65 feet long but a few nice bumps that aren't upsetting to the cars

I use the stock overpass with extensions to smooth it out, much better.

11.11 Second Lap time, T. Sato at the wheel, 
Real fun

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Track #1015 Moore Hills

Wait! it gets better,
Lots of ups and downs, very challenging and Slippery

Monday, December 18, 2017

Track #1014 New Hills

I got a hold of some PVC sheet material and am experimenting with sloped hills,
This is the first, 16.26 lap time, but parts of the track are getting old. like the hairpin in the foreground, overall, a nice track.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Track #1013 No you Don't

This is nice, only 75 feet long, but the Hairpin in the foreground, and the tightened Right turn in the back left look like you can take them at high speed, but No you Don't
16.91 Lap time, so far.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

track #1012

I used some elements of the previous track, otherwise this is a Big, fast track.

These are the Turns that will bite you

On and on, I'm still racing!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's Not Paper!

I keep hearing comments about the "paper" track, let's clarify,
The Track is made from PVC plastic, very thin, and the Gradient is printed on the pieces.
It is far tougher than people say, just don't be stupid.
Don't step on it
Don't get Drunk and step on it.
Don't let your pets near the track.
Clean your track with soap and water, don't use any abrasives, you will destroy the gradient.
I have had at least a dozen "spinouts" where the track got stepped on and slipped, but after a year of track building and damaging, I have broken 4 tabs, out of around 300, tough track indeed.
Even If, I tore all the tabs off, I still have my go to Painters Blue Tape.
It holds the track together very well, leaves no residue and comes off easily.
So the next time you hear about paper track, send that guy over here,

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A note to Viewers

Hi, Bob here, thought it might be important to remind people of a few things.

I started doing this just about a year ago, and this is post 167 or so. If you are just coming over here, I have TONS of tips, hints, how to's and other Cool stuff, it's all in the archives.
 I don't do a lot of close ups now, it's all in the Archive. I also assume if people have questions they will comment (nope) or look through the Blog, just about everything that can be done, I have done it, Caveat, in the Racing sense, not the Evel Knievel sense.
 I really enjoy the System, if a car leaves the track, just drive back on, I don't have to walk over and get it. With fresh Batteries you will spin, so you have to work the throttle for a while before they break in, Sort of like a race car burning off a fuel load, the handling also changes.
Too Much?

How much track can you cram into a 14'x22' space? I can probably pack in a bit more but Why? It's long sure but if you are constantly fighting, turning and breaking, it gets old quick. BTW, 120+ feet. Build your tracks with FLOW, it's all about how how one turn leads into another, I throw in a few Easter eggs along the way just to keep you on your toes, but that's my Smart ass nature.
 I'll see if I can collect some tips into a section that's easier to navigate, but the fact is, this Blog is a giant Manual, use it at your own risk,